Quintal Cave

Quintal Cave

Apartments made for sale Nam Long Binh Tan

Therefore, all of the apartments here are open to view. Modern Japanese design style and priority will certainly make you satisfied with life is always filled with nature.

The common living room in the Akari City Apartment is designed based on the criteria of all the rooms oriented to the common space of the family, traditionally gathering gathering of Vietnamese people. Made over the hands and creativity of talented architects, Akari City reaches the standard of modern Japanese style architecture: space harmony designed with each way delicate, lively to each detail hidden in that your philosophical living of each owner.The Araki City project is part of the Hoang Nam Project invested by Hoang Nam Organization., Ltd.

The Hoang Nam project covers an area of ?? . hectares composing of townhouses, villas and high-rise apartment blocks. In , Nam Long Investment JSC will buy the project from Hoang Nam. By having an area of ??over about. hectares to supplement the land fund, develop its project. The associated with the acquisition contract isn’t disclosed. Nam Long is increasingly affirming brand real estate development in HCMC. The projects of Nam Long have a large scale, well planned. Nam Long brand is selected by a lot of customers and trust. Pestana troia eco resort of Nam Long is relatively good.

Persist in the improvement of product strategy “pocket money”. The Flora line is very good, suitable for medium income customers. The Akari City City project created by Cotecons. It is regarded as the leading construction contractors in Vietnam. Help customers completely peace of mind about the quality of Akari City apartments. This is also the special point of Nam Long investor, even though first projects, apartments worth – billion are built by the contractor M. Akari City continues to mark the cooperation between Nam Long and its Japanese partners.